Orca Young Solid Black Trained German Shepherd for sale

Orca is a beautiful athletically built german shepherd. A young natural athlete. Orca was raised by one of our trainers in Scottsdale. Although, he has an natural time-to-relax mode, he would best be excellently suited “having a job to do” or “dog sport.” Although raised with other dogs, Orca can be dominate. Obedience conditioned primarily for an IPO or protection handler Orca has shown us all the signs of being… continue reading

Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available

Bi colored Germna Shepherd Puppy female for sale

Take a look at Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available  for sale- has been SOLD!. She is in training in our in Home Pet Training program to be socialized , house trained and obedience trained to make the best German Shepherd Companion you can imagine. Stunning looks, harmoniously build solid female that is fun to be with. Her expression is alert and attentive. She will grow into an upper medium… continue reading