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Trained German Shepherd Puppies for sale
Puppies listed here are four to six months old and have been trained accordingly to our Puppy Kindergarten Program. This program is designed for clients that do not have the time to train a puppy, nor do they want to deal with the “puppy stage”. Yet they desire to bring a dog home as young as possible. This is the opportunity to take home a puppy that is out of the diapers at four months of age, things are much easier.
It seems a matter of choice as some people do – or don’t like the puppy stage.
If you are looking to own a German Shepherd puppy with a solid education at a very young age- this option is for you!

The trained Puppies are trained to be in a crate, clicker conditioned, and are exposed to public places as well as house broken.
They are under strict supervision, single wise in the house to be trained not to destroy things or relieve themselves inside the house. Well socialized, these puppies make great four legged companions for your family.
Commands trained during Puppy Kindergarten: sit, down, kennel, recall name, lay on doggy bed, walk on leash, sit by the door and wait.
You, the owner will be part of the training, to be introduced to proper handling.
All young puppies here have great potential to grow into fantastic family protection dogs.
Trained German Shepherd Puppies are priced at $4500.00

Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available

Take a look at Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available  for sale- has been SOLD!. She is in training in our in Home Pet Training program to be socialized , house trained and obedience trained to make the best German Shepherd Companion you can imagine. Stunning looks, harmoniously build solid female that is fun to […]

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