Leo young sable trained German Shepherd Male for sale

Zauberberg Kennels proudly presents: Leo young trained German Shepherd Male for sale has been SOLD! Leo vom Zauberberg is a stunning German Shepherd Male that has very pronounced pigmented sable color. He has excellent bone and substance and is very well structured. Leo’s temperament is absolutely solid. He loves all people. He is an upper medium sized German Shepherd Male, with very open minded attitude. Super family companion that likes to play and… continue reading

Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available

Bi colored Germna Shepherd Puppy female for sale

Take a look at Matrix German Shepherd female puppy available  for sale- has been SOLD!. She is in training in our in Home Pet Training program to be socialized , house trained and obedience trained to make the best German Shepherd Companion you can imagine. Stunning looks, harmoniously build solid female that is fun to be with. Her expression is alert and attentive. She will grow into an upper medium… continue reading

Jake Zauberberg happy family

Jake vom Zauberberg happy with new family Jake vom Zauberberg, went to his new family yesterday….pictured here in his new home. His expression  clearly shows a very confident puppy, that predictably will take his job of protecting the home and family very serious. Seems like it is possible to obtain “peace of mind” even when starting out with a puppy. When Michelle chose him, she shared her consideration very clearly:… continue reading

Echo Vom Zauberberg

Echo Vom Zauberberg Female German Shepherd Puppy for sale Echo Vom Zauberberg is of outstanding sable color with black thumb marks. Her pedigree is an out cross between a black and red mother and a dark sable father. The intention behind this combination in our breeding program is to produce outstanding pigment in color and strong health and intelligence. All West German Blood lines from working dogs and conformation oriented German Shepherd blood… continue reading

Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale

Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale Name: Norine vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 01-26-2012 Microchip: Yes AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Obedience Commands: German Shots: Current Sire: Odin om Zauberberg Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg Training Status: Advanced Obedience Training Available:  SOLD Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale is a medium sized, energetic, loving, Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale. Her pedigree is a summary of superb German Shepherd Working Bloodlines.… continue reading

Conrad vom Zauberberg

Conrad is a very dark sable German Shepherd Male Puppy. Friendly and interacting with everybody he meets. Conrad is an energetic puppy. Solid drives for the work with an exceptional desire to bite, with firm grip. Name: Conrad vom Zauberberg  Date of Birth: 01-25-2016 AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Microchip: Yes Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg Dam: X-on vom Zauberberg Available: SOLD! To learn about the process, please call 520-419-2199 or email info@zauberberg.com Utilizing only… continue reading

Bonny Vom Zauberberg

Bonny Vom Zauberberg (

Bonny Vom Zauberberg   Name: Bonny Vom Zauberberg (Female) Date of Birth: 01-17-2016 AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Available:  Contact to start arrangements Price: $1500.00 Utilizing only the very best German Shepherd bloodlines, proven to produce excellent health and intelligence. All Puppies are guaranteed in writing. Our goal is to make dogs and people happy for life. German Shepherd puppies are priced at $1500.00. They are going to their new homes at… continue reading

Apsel Vom Zauberberg

SOLD! Apsel is a super drive sable German Shepherd puppy male for sale. He can be super active- and can be relaxed as well. He is a medium of size, very well put together. Would have the talent for a career as working dog in Search and Rescue, Schutzhund or any other performance sport. Which doesn’t exclude him from being an excellent companion and protection dog.   Name: Apsel Vom Zauberberg… continue reading