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Protection dogs for sale presented on this page are completely trained to have an on and off switch when they are with the owners and also act on their own when left alone to protect the house and property.

1) Intensely socialized prior to starting protection training
2) Advanced off leash obedience trained before entering the protection Dog Training Program
3) Trained for Protection in all possible real life situations to protect and be controlled

Owning a Protection Dog that has natural protective instincts and is formally trained to use those instincts and control them, is PIECE of mind!
It all starts with having a German Shepherd present around your family and your home.
Imagine you are the “bad guy” that wants to harm the family or burglaries the home after he saw everybody leave your house.
Would you choose
1) -to harm the family and break into a home that has a German Shepherd present? – or
2) -would you rather move a block down the street, that doesn’t have that guardian present?
The answer is very simple, isn’t it?
One thing that is mentioned a lot when we are contacted by husbands:
My wife goes for a jog by herself early in the morning or late at night!
There is a choice for the bad guy to be made:
Am I going to jump the woman jogging with a German Shepherd on her site? – or the one that joggs all by herself?
If YOU look at all the dangers –  the pure presents of a protection trained German Shepherd is the best prevention!to prevent?
Contact us today and we will present the options to you!
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Carl real Protection Dog for sale

Carl is an agile German Shepherd male, a Real Protection dog for sale. He is an open minded sable German Shepherd from exclusive West German Bloodlines. One of the last Jago vom Zauberberg sons! Easy to handle. All he always wants is to be with people. His temperament is rock solid, like a working German […]

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