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Zauberberg offers a variety of free Articles and Videos about how to train your puppy!
Get out of the traditional Dog Training procedure! Have a fresh start with new views.
First a puppy needs to learn about markers and reinforcements- then he needs to learn with positive reinforcement which behaviors you like. That being said, the behaviors you like, positively reinforced, will more likely reoccur. How to train your German Shepherd PuppySince a day only has 24 hours- a growing portion of that time will be spent on doing the behaviors that are positively reinforced. Logically, there will be less time left in a day to do the behaviors that you don’t like! A very simple way of seeing the approach to make bad behavior less and good behaviors more!
Behaviors are simply learned by consequences? That is true! Yet, if you just simply see yourself as the provider of consequences, you better understand the way your dog perceives them!

Training a Puppy to come when called

Training a Puppy to come when called seems easy if we realize how associations in dog training really happen. Puppy training the recall. Making an association of calling the name and follow with the treat. Initially, the trainer makes sure the puppy will take the treat. If the puppy is NOT interested in the treat- […]

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Solving Puppy Biting Problem

I know there are a lot of Puppy owners out there that struggle with solving puppy biting problem! Unfortunately, they can’t solve it- because they have been given wrong advise. Most puppies have to bite on something. There  teeth might be about to change, or in general, they are just bored. Now it comes to […]

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Dog Training Place Command

Having your dog going to a designated place and stay there on command is very helpful when you want him to be out of the way. When you answer the door, you can have your dog on place and not bother anyone. At the same time he is readily available to protect you! At dinner time, […]

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Leash Training German Shepherd Puppy

Leash Training does not have to be a hassle if it is started early on in a puppy’s life. Before we attach a leash to the dog, it is highly recommended that he has been properly introduced to wearing a collar that fits fairly snug. Putting the collar on and taking it off should be practiced as much […]

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When should I start training my dog

When should I start training my dog Training a dog should start as early as possible. As soon as a young puppy  has the focus to follow movement and is skilled to take a treat from your hand, you should start the Teaching Phase! Teaching means to make him understand which behaviors are worth while […]

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How to pick a puppy

How to pick a puppy is a very challenging subject. Since this is a question that puppy buyer repeatedly ask, I will try to give some input by writing this article about how you may select the best puppy for your life situation and circumstances. Color:  Within the German Shepherd breeding we do have a choice of color, if you […]

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New Puppy Checklist

  New Puppy Checklist – Zauberberg Have a new puppy on the way? Wondering what you will need before you get your puppy? Here is a New Puppy Checklist on some of the necessities you will need, or want to consider getting to make your experience as pleasant as possible! Dog Food and Dishes A […]

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Buying a German Shepherd Puppy in Tucson Arizona

Buying a German Shepherd Puppy in Tucson Arizona Buying a German Shepherd Puppy in Tucson Arizona, or Puppy of any breed, is a major decision that will influence your life for the next 10-15 years. If the decision about buying a German Shepherd Puppy in Tucson Arizona is thought through thoroughly, and all research about the […]

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