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The Dog Training Guide is designed to provide training help to the Zauberberg Dog Owners. Our FREE dog training Videos and Articles are assorted by individual behaviors to be trained step by step. Follow the sequence and we promise you will succeed and have fun at the same time!
The intend is to show the actual training process in progression- and not just the end result. Looking at the end results is always impressive and entertaining, but everybody should have the opportunity to learn how to get there!
Our effort is intended to make the dog owner into a Trainer who will be enabled to train and maintain performance and reliability. When you follow our suggestions, you will understand how dogs communicate with humans. Only then, you will be able to maintain your dog’s training for a life time. It just has to make sense to you that learning is most successful when the process is divided into small increments.
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Dog Training Place Command

Having your dog going to a designated place and stay there on command is very helpful when you want him to be out of the way. When you answer the door, you can have your dog on place and not bother anyone. At the same time he is readily available to protect you! At dinner time, […]

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