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Stay tuned and check back on a regular basis. In our NEWS category you will find information about us, our all breed dog training and German Shepherd breeding program and much more useful information such as dog training tips, dog training videos and what is going on at ZBBK9 Team. Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Q German Shepherd Puppy male for sale

Q  German Shepherd Puppy male for sale. His pedigree is an awesome combination of Zauberberg history! He is black and red in color. His temperament is a healthy medium, not calm – but not super active either. His color is of very dark brown markings with solid black saddle. Extraordinary head substance and shape. His […]

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Quiz Male German Shepherd Puppy available now

Quiz vom Zauberberg is a Male German Shepherd Puppy available right now. His pedigree is an awesome combination of Zauberberg history! He is black and brown in color. His personality is more on the “laid back” site. His color is of very dark brown markings with solid black saddle. He is medium sized. His father […]

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Opa Solid Black German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Proudly presenting to you Opa Solid Black trained German Shepherd for sale. He is a large solid black German Shepherd Male  available for sale. He is in training in pertinence to our in home advanced obedience training program. House training, and advanced off leash obedience. He has a very outgoing temperament and is ready to be […]

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Oscar Male Sable Puppy for sale West German Working Lines

Oscar is a super dark sable German Shepherd Male Puppy for sale from West German Pedigrees. He has fantastic markings and huge bone and substance. Oscar is now in advanced obedience training according to our in home pet training program.  Currently located in Tucson Arizona. If you are interested in making this trained German Shepherd male from top German […]

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Carl Protection Dog Page updated

Carl vom Zauberberg protection dog training updated page! Protection dog training at Zauberberg Kennels. This 1.5 year old male at third session of reinforcing his aggression against a suspicious person being present during a walk. The decoy reacts and does not act, is important part of our protection dog training. Only after the aggression toward […]

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Isa trained young German Shepherd Female for sale

Isa trained young German Shepherd Female for sale. Absolutely stunning pigment, dark sable color. Her pedigree is a combination of the so called show lines from German (not to be mistaken with American show lines) and West German working bloodlines. We have practiced combining the two strains multiple times with great outcome. Isa  is currently […]

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Porsche vom Zauberberg Black and Red German Shepherd Female NOT for sale

Zauberberg Kennels is proud to announce that the outcome of the P-Litter vom Zauberberg has been so uniformed in structure, pigment and temperament that we decided to keep Porsche vom Zauberberg, one of the female puppies and raise her to be utilized in future breedings. This has been Yeti’s very first Litter after we purchased […]

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Training a Puppy to come when called

Training a Puppy to come when called seems easy if we realize how associations in dog training really happen. Puppy training the recall. Making an association of calling the name and follow with the treat. Initially, the trainer makes sure the puppy will take the treat. If the puppy is NOT interested in the treat- […]

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Carl real Protection Dog for sale

Carl is an agile German Shepherd male, a Real Protection dog for sale. He is an open minded sable German Shepherd from exclusive West German Bloodlines. One of the last Jago vom Zauberberg sons! Easy to handle. All he always wants is to be with people. His temperament is rock solid, like a working German […]

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Solving Puppy Biting Problem

I know there are a lot of Puppy owners out there that struggle with solving puppy biting problem! Unfortunately, they can’t solve it- because they have been given wrong advise. Most puppies have to bite on something. There  teeth might be about to change, or in general, they are just bored. Now it comes to […]

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